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About us

At Win Made Gear, every piece of equipment bears the mark of Grand Master Toddy, a Muay Thai titan who has shaped 50 world champions over his illustrious 50-year career. Recognizing a gap in the market for truly superior training gear, Master Toddy was driven to innovate. Training with subpar equipment that required cobbling together pieces from various manufacturers was not an option for his elite students.

Crafted in Thailand by the finest artisans using high-quality, locally sourced materials, Master Toddy’s gear is engineered to provide the optimal balance of support and protection. His hands-on experience has guided each design, ensuring that every item is not only strong and durable but also uniquely tailored to enhance the training experience.

Train with the gear designed by a legend, and embrace the full potential of your abilities. With Win Made Gear, you’re not just training; you’re preparing to win.